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A question we often receive from our customers is: How come your crystals are so much cheaper than other Crystal retailers? The answer is simple – We never put huge markups on our crystals. Other retailers charge so much simply because they can. Crystal consumers have been paying too much for far too long; so the expensive prices somehow seem normal. We want to show Australia, that it’s time to stop paying too much for crystals!

Crystals for sale. Buy crystals online.
Agate Amazonite Amethyst Ammonite Angel Aura Apatite Arfvedsonite Bismuth Black Obsidian Bloodstone Carnelian Cats Eye Celestite Chiastolite Chrysocolla Citrine Dragons Blood Fluorite Fuchsite Garnet Hematite Howlite Iolite Jade Jasper Kyanite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Leopardite Lepidolite Lodolite Magnesite Moonstone Onyx Opal Opalite Pyrite Quartz Rainbow Aura Rhodonite Rose Quartz Rubellite Selenite Septarian Sodalite Sunstone Tigers Eye Tourmaline
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